acuere (a'kyoor)
v. latin, to sharpen, improve

Acuere Consulting Inc. is a boutique consultancy providing professional engineering, planning, and technical services for the transportation sector. We specialize in the areas of:

  • Strategic Planning & Policy
  • Governance and Partnerships
  • Transportation Planning & Engineering
  • Applications Development
  • Research & Analytics

In conjunction with partner associates, we provide services to public, private, and academic sector clients, focusing on solutions that are cost-effective, progressive, practical, and sustainable—foundations for a livable future.

However livability is not just a goal for the future, but a value we can live today. That's why we became a certified Living Wage Employer and joined the Burnaby Board of Trade's Pledge for a Sustainable Community. We also became Carbon Neutral after we were certified a Climate Smart business.

Do you have a problem or process that could be improved? Contact us to discuss your situation. With our inquisitive minds and 'can-do' attitude, we believe we can find solutions through our value analysis approach to realize positive return-on-investment.